Andes Survivors Expedition

The Society of Snow

Crashsite Fairchild 571
Avión de los Uruguayos

On October 13, 1972, a plane on its way from Uruguay to Chile crashed in a mountain range in the Andes.

On board was a rugby team and some of their relatives, a group of young, fun-loving people....

Thus began the incredible story of a 72-day struggle for survival.

Filmed in various documentaries and dramatic feature films, the story went around the world, also known here as "The Miracle of the Andes". The Netflix adaptation by J.A. Bayona has been online since January 2024. Under the title "The Snow Society" - in the original "La Sociedad de la nieve".

29 people lost their lives, 16 survived.

Join me on an expedition to the crash-site and get to know to one of the Survivors.

Expedition 2024


Expedition is organized in cooperation with Alpine Expeditions, Boulder (USA).

The scheduled date is without Eduardo Strauch!
If you like to meet Eduardo Strauch, you can join upcoming Expeditions End of 2024 and in 2025. Dates will be announced soon.


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